Because smashin’ is for breakfast too

A.M. Smash

Housemade sausage from Niman Ranch pork, organic pasture-raised egg, cheese and special sauce

No Hog

Spiked avocado, organic pasture-raised egg, cheese & special sauce

Breakfast Mac

2x House-made sausage patties from Niman Ranch pork, organic pasture-raised egg, 2x cheese and special sauce


Chris & Stef here.

One time, we won a national grilled cheese contest. We think we won because we took a comfort food staple and made it our way. We believe in comfort food. We believe in community. And, we believe the two go very well together, especially when that comfort food reminds us of a childhood treat. This is how A.M. Smash was born. 

We also believe in keeping it simple, so that’s what we’ve done with our menu and its ingredients- we use certified humane pork and organic pasture raised eggs, every time. 

See you on the sidewalk!



For bookings and further information: amsmashers@gmail.com